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Originally conceived and developed by the United States Department of Defense for use in military applications, GPS tracking technology has in recent years been opened up to commercial development and use by the general public. As a result of this, GPS tracking has seen a huge rise in popularity as more and more ways to utilize the technology have emerged in the marketplace. GPS capability can now be found in newer cars either standard or as an upgrade option or as an aftermarket accessory for older cars as a replacement for having to deal with paper maps for navigation purposes, as a handheld personal device for campers, hunters and other outdoor users, in some newer cell phones as a tracking device, and there are even GPS treasurehunting groups who hide objects and then post clues on the internet, for users to try and find using GPS systems. GPS systems are also finding great use by companies for tracking movement of vehicles and personnel as a way of monitoring and lowering business costs. And they are also being used by individuals as a way of monitoring personal vehicles against theft and to monitor younger drivers whereabouts and driving habits.

A GPS system is basically an electronic transmitter/receiver that is in communication with a series of 24 satellites which orbit above the earth, and through communication with the satellites, can pinpoint where on earth that receiver is. In the case of automobile navigation units, the user programs in a destination to the receiver and the satellites determine where the receiver is and then the receiver, using map data programmed into it can map the most direct route to get to the destination entered into it and display that information on a view screen. The information is constantly updated through communication between the receiver and the orbiting satellite system. Some GPS receivers can also be used as tracking and monitoring devices to monitor movement of vehicles for commercial fleet management as a means of controlling business costs due to unnecessary travel which increse fuel costs as fuel prices continue to climb to record high levels. These same types of tracking units can also be used by individuals to monitor personal vehicles of all kinds to prevent loss due to theft. An extra benefit of owning a unit like this would be a possible reduction in insurance costs to the vehicle owner since recovery would be much more likely in the event of a theft. Another possible good use of these types of tracking units would be to be able to monitor the whereabouts and driving habits of younger drivers or as an emergency means of locating a missing person through tracking movement of their vehicle. Many units can be monitored very easily through the internet or by cell phone (if the phone has the capability for this type of monitoring). Most units of this type can alert the owner by cell phone if a preset condition has been activated or breached.

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As with most electronic items, mass production is bringing the price down to the point where it is affordable to most everyone who is interested in GPS tracking. Basic units can be found for as little as a couple of hundred dollars, while more complex systems can run as much as a thousand dollars depending on what features and capabilities an individual has need or want of. Some GPS tracking systems may require an additional monthly monitoring fee similar to monthly cell phone charges.

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Submitted by: Anna Daly

Management of Value provides a scientific methodology to define what worth suggests that for organizations, and to speak it clearly to maximize value across projects, programs, operations and portfolios. It through-out the department’s strategic topics on portfolio level and sets the agenda for the program that delivers these objectives that, in turn, outline the projects undertaken to attain the desired outputs. Exin MOVF (Management of Value Foundation) test are necessary since it distinguishes you from the standard job searching or out of work characters. Each single person strives to get Exin (Management of Value Foundation) utilized during a single manner or the opposite regardless with the entire sort of employment or within the mode during which he or she is used. Some people are inclined to try and do EXIN Value certification courses that imply that theyre planning to should sit for the various Exin (Management of Value Foundation) exams to possess utilized in trustworthy suppliers while people would enjoy performing arts odd and manual jobs. The odd jobs within the extended run pay considerably less further as are notable for his or her energy tasking. Far better paying job at intervals the opposite hand are evident with all the various information technologies suppliers. This can only come back once you’ve got set to inscribe for the perfect Exin MOVF (Management of Value Foundation) test. This MOVF can assist basically within the essential understanding of the courses provided and to supply you an outline of what are planning to be anticipated of you once youve registered for the MOVF which is able to be little doubt be life dynamic.

Targeted audience in this exam is Staff and Management in an organization wishing to get information about Management of Value Foundation. Those how entering in supporting, delivering, managing and directing projects, portfolios and programs, this involves Change Managers, Senior Managers, Program Managers, Project Managers and Program and Project Office staff and their supporters. MOVF (Management of Value Foundation) is part of the good Management Practice Portfolio and is the prerequisite for the MOV Practitioner exam.

Exam content

The main techniques and processes used within MOVF (Management of Value Foundation) and the reasons for using them.

Way to apply MOVF (Management of Value Foundation) at project, program, operational and portfolio levels.

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The difference in applying MOVF (Management of Value Foundation) at different parts in a project and the outputs from a MOVF Study at each end.

The ways under which MOVF (Management of Value Foundation) should be used.

The concept of MOVF and way to improve value.

The exact benefits coming from the use of MOVF (Management of Value Foundation).

Approaches for applying MOVF (Management of Value Foundation).

Way to respond to internal and external influences.

The rules of embedding MOVF (Management of Value Foundation) into an organization.

The key objectives in document check lists, organizational maturity, individual competence, the toolbox and health check.

Exin MOVF (Management of Value Foundation) exam includes 50 multiple choice questions and answers, and total time given in this exam to cover all questions is 40 minutes, and passing ratio for this exam is 50% (25 questions out of 50 questions). There is no extra material allowed to take along with you in this exam like open notebook or any other electronic devices like mobile or digital mini-computer.

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