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Submitted by: Jayne Waldorf

Maybe no other single activity really embraces camaraderie, playfulness and fierce but friendly competition as heartily participating in playing indoor games with friends and family. Christmas games do all those things but also serve the purpose of bringing friends and family together to interact directly with each other in a competitive and happy way.

Participating in Christmas games is another way of sharing, but it is also doing something tangible to get into the festive, jolly and relaxed mode for the holidays. Otherwise, its easy to get caught up in all the preparation and shopping and become ridden with anxiety. Here are some holiday and Christmas games that will cause fierce but friendly competition and leave everyone in a jolly mood.

For the ‘Gift Wrap’ game, items needed will be small gifts, wrapping paper, scotch tape and music that can be turned on and off at will. Each gift item is wrapped in several layers of paper. The number of layers used will depend on the duration you want the game to last. A gift is given to the group which should start passing around the gift when the music starts. Whenever the music stops, whoever has the gift should start to unwrap the gift until the music starts again. Who ever unwraps the last piece of paper gets to keep the gift. When I was I child we called this game Pass the Parcel.

The items needed for the ‘Sock Guessing’ Christmas game are two or three thick new thermal socks, items used or seen during Christmas, pens, pencils and paper.Each sock is stuffed with 20-25 items that are used or seen during the Christmas season. These can be useful items such as scotch tape, ornaments, decorations etc. Each sock should have the same items and the opening should be tied with a ribbon so the contents inside aren’t visible. The socks are then passed around for each person to try to feel and guess the items then write down what they think is in the sock. The person with the most correct guesses of objects is the winner and can be awarded a separate special gift or token.

The ‘Gift Grab Card Game’ needs two decks of cards and a few small Christmas gifts that are wrapped to look very interesting and enticing. One deck of cards is passed out one at a time to guests. Each should have an equal number of cards from the deck. The gifts are then placed in the centre of the group. Someone then calls out cards from the second deck. Whoever has an identical card gets to choose a gift. When all the gifts are taken, everyone can steal gifts from each other until the deck is finished and those with gifts get to open and keep them as prizes. The fun increases when the stealing begins because everyone will have different ideas about which gift looks interesting and try to hang onto it by stealing it over and over if it is stolen. Some people will also try to disguise the fact they have a gift, although they should be kept in sight.

A children’s Christmas game is ‘Pin the Nose on the Reindeer,’ which is the Christmas game version of ‘Pin the tail on the Donkey.’ The items needed are a drawing of a reindeer’s head with an incomplete drawing of the nose and several noses with the names on one side and tape on the other. The picture should be placed against a wall so that children can reach the nose. Each child then gets a nose. They take turns being blindfolded spun around a couple times to disorient them a little then told to walk to the reindeer and place the nose on the picture. The child who places the nose closes to the reindeer’s nose wins.

A delightful Christmas game for work is the ‘Match the Desk to the Item’ game. A day or so before the Christmas party at work, someone needs to secretly take one item from each person’s desk and assign a number to each item. At the party, all the items are displayed for everyone to guess whose desk the item belongs to. The game you play is really quite unimportant, its the fun you have that counts.

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By Lanbo Jiang

Japanese cigarette greet “in the history of the most significant” price adjustment, the average an additional 3.5 yen cigarette tobacco tax. The tax increase led the Health Ministry to promote public health from the start, to the degree of tobacco tax in line to the United States and Europe, and that there continue to rise taxes space. The Finance Ministry is worried that smokers away from cigarettes made the tax reduction, emphasizing the degree of the tobacco tax has been “stretched to the limit.” No matter what the government departments to consider, anyway, the sharp rise in the price of cigarettes smokers in Japan triggered a wave of smoking cessation.

Price per pack of cigarettes 110-140 yen

From 1998 to the present, Japan experienced a 3 cigarette tax increase. 1998 and 2003 tax increase rate is 0.82 yen per cigarette increase in 2006, increased 0.852 each. And this increase is about 3.5 yen, and led the department is not raising taxes before the Finance Ministry, but replaced the Health Ministry. In addition to the tobacco tax, also provided to support the production of tobacco farmers, cigarette every other price 1.5 yen. On average, the retail price of a pack of cigarettes increased from 110 to 140 yen, Japan’s “Mild Seven” brand has thus entered a pack of cigarettes 400 yen (about 32 yuan) era.

Labor, and Welfare: There are tax increases space

According to a 2009 national health and nutrition survey results, Japanese male smoking rate was 36.8%, compared with more than 20 percentage points higher than the western developed countries, female smoking rates as high as 9.1%. The price of a pack of cigarettes than the United Kingdom 1008 757 yen yen and Canada are much lower. Labor and Welfare that the price of cigarettes in Japan there is room for price increases, how should Europe and the United States the average level of 700 yen per pack. In determining the tax increase, the Health Ministry Youxiang Finance Ministry proposed to revise the tax system next year, continue to increase the tobacco tax.

Inhibition of Health Ministry medical expenses is required to increase the tobacco tax to be due to a major. According to statistics, smoking and passive smoking each year from diseases caused by hospitalization, death, loss of manpower is about 7 trillion yen. Health Ministry established in 2000, “Health Japan 21” plan, began to develop smoking bans in public places and other regulations. However, because of this effort was criticized for slow progress. In 2006, the Health Ministry on the revised plan, the plan included in the smoking rate to the number of numerical targets, but because of the strong tobacco industry opposition gave up. April this year, Science Council of Japan proposed to the Government should adopt a mandatory legislative measures.

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Finance Ministry: has reached the limit

And the Ministry of Health, Labor and the contrary, the Finance Ministry for raising taxes on tobacco attitude is very cautious. Because once the price of cigarettes in Japan and Europe were flat, the number of smokers will make the sharp decline in tax revenue from tobacco-related industries will decline. In addition, if the tobacco companies operating difficulties, the Japanese government held “Japan Tobacco” more than half of the shares will also be greatly devalued.

According to statistics, in 2009 the Japanese central and local tobacco-related taxes and fees were received 2.291 trillion yen, equivalent to one percent of all consumption tax. Although theoretically raise tobacco taxes can increase tax revenue, but because of price increases will lead to reduced consumption, so the Finance Ministry is willing to judge this year’s tobacco tax revenue will be lower than last year, “the tobacco tax increase has been to the limit.”

According to “Japan Tobacco” their projections, starting from October to next March, the sale of cigarettes will significantly decrease the amount of 45%. Japan’s tobacco tax increases in response to the crisis manufacturer, also introduced smokeless “cigarettes next generation”, but also escape the tax increase that the scope of cigarettes, the price of 300 yen per box to the October 1 change in future as 410 yen.

More than half of smokers to consider quitting

Leverage the strength of the economy is indeed great. A price of cigarettes, smokers to have quit. According to the Japanese survey conducted by Pfizer Inc., 92.5% of smokers believe that after 10 months of price increases, the price of cigarettes “too expensive”; 53.3% of smokers who have expressed readiness to quit; in the non-smokers ready to quit, a third said, “will reduce the number of smoking”; only as smokers that “not expensive to the point of quitting.”

Johnson & Johnson recently announced the results of related investigations show that in 2006 the answer is “as an opportunity to quit smoking will be tax increases” the number of only 34.7%, this is raised into two, reaching 57.9%; The primary reason for the decision to quit, the last You Sicheng five people are “for health”, this is close to Liu Cheng choose “to save money.”

Smoking aids smoking clinics and popular

Although so many smokers that tobacco companies produce frustration, but let no-smoking specialist out-patient business is excellent, smoking-related supplements are also sales soared.

Currently there are about 1 trillion by the Japan-smoking clinic. Since the government decided in October after prices of cigarettes, the patient is full of people to “cure” smokers. It is reported that the general anti-smoking treatment requires 8 to 12 weeks 5 clinics. Although smoking can be used out-patient health insurance, but the harsh conditions, need to “root of the number of cigarettes per day smoking age” is greater than 200 before. Smoking for those who need insurance the burden of medical expenses 30%, roughly a course of treatment takes about 12,000 to 18,000 yen, if not within the scope of the insurance, would cost 40,000 to 60,000 yen.

In addition to smoking clinic, but do not need a prescription anti-smoking aids are also popular pursuit, with sales more than tripled over the same period last year. Currently popular on the market is micro-ingredients with nicotine chewing gum, skin patch and smoking can be simulated people “e-cigarette.”

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