By Lanbo Jiang

Japanese cigarette greet “in the history of the most significant” price adjustment, the average an additional 3.5 yen cigarette tobacco tax. The tax increase led the Health Ministry to promote public health from the start, to the degree of tobacco tax in line to the United States and Europe, and that there continue to rise taxes space. The Finance Ministry is worried that smokers away from cigarettes made the tax reduction, emphasizing the degree of the tobacco tax has been “stretched to the limit.” No matter what the government departments to consider, anyway, the sharp rise in the price of cigarettes smokers in Japan triggered a wave of smoking cessation.

Price per pack of cigarettes 110-140 yen

From 1998 to the present, Japan experienced a 3 cigarette tax increase. 1998 and 2003 tax increase rate is 0.82 yen per cigarette increase in 2006, increased 0.852 each. And this increase is about 3.5 yen, and led the department is not raising taxes before the Finance Ministry, but replaced the Health Ministry. In addition to the tobacco tax, also provided to support the production of tobacco farmers, cigarette every other price 1.5 yen. On average, the retail price of a pack of cigarettes increased from 110 to 140 yen, Japan’s “Mild Seven” brand has thus entered a pack of cigarettes 400 yen (about 32 yuan) era.

Labor, and Welfare: There are tax increases space

According to a 2009 national health and nutrition survey results, Japanese male smoking rate was 36.8%, compared with more than 20 percentage points higher than the western developed countries, female smoking rates as high as 9.1%. The price of a pack of cigarettes than the United Kingdom 1008 757 yen yen and Canada are much lower. Labor and Welfare that the price of cigarettes in Japan there is room for price increases, how should Europe and the United States the average level of 700 yen per pack. In determining the tax increase, the Health Ministry Youxiang Finance Ministry proposed to revise the tax system next year, continue to increase the tobacco tax.

Inhibition of Health Ministry medical expenses is required to increase the tobacco tax to be due to a major. According to statistics, smoking and passive smoking each year from diseases caused by hospitalization, death, loss of manpower is about 7 trillion yen. Health Ministry established in 2000, “Health Japan 21” plan, began to develop smoking bans in public places and other regulations. However, because of this effort was criticized for slow progress. In 2006, the Health Ministry on the revised plan, the plan included in the smoking rate to the number of numerical targets, but because of the strong tobacco industry opposition gave up. April this year, Science Council of Japan proposed to the Government should adopt a mandatory legislative measures.

YouTube Preview Image

Finance Ministry: has reached the limit

And the Ministry of Health, Labor and the contrary, the Finance Ministry for raising taxes on tobacco attitude is very cautious. Because once the price of cigarettes in Japan and Europe were flat, the number of smokers will make the sharp decline in tax revenue from tobacco-related industries will decline. In addition, if the tobacco companies operating difficulties, the Japanese government held “Japan Tobacco” more than half of the shares will also be greatly devalued.

According to statistics, in 2009 the Japanese central and local tobacco-related taxes and fees were received 2.291 trillion yen, equivalent to one percent of all consumption tax. Although theoretically raise tobacco taxes can increase tax revenue, but because of price increases will lead to reduced consumption, so the Finance Ministry is willing to judge this year’s tobacco tax revenue will be lower than last year, “the tobacco tax increase has been to the limit.”

According to “Japan Tobacco” their projections, starting from October to next March, the sale of cigarettes will significantly decrease the amount of 45%. Japan’s tobacco tax increases in response to the crisis manufacturer, also introduced smokeless “cigarettes next generation”, but also escape the tax increase that the scope of cigarettes, the price of 300 yen per box to the October 1 change in future as 410 yen.

More than half of smokers to consider quitting

Leverage the strength of the economy is indeed great. A price of cigarettes, smokers to have quit. According to the Japanese survey conducted by Pfizer Inc., 92.5% of smokers believe that after 10 months of price increases, the price of cigarettes “too expensive”; 53.3% of smokers who have expressed readiness to quit; in the non-smokers ready to quit, a third said, “will reduce the number of smoking”; only as smokers that “not expensive to the point of quitting.”

Johnson & Johnson recently announced the results of related investigations show that in 2006 the answer is “as an opportunity to quit smoking will be tax increases” the number of only 34.7%, this is raised into two, reaching 57.9%; The primary reason for the decision to quit, the last You Sicheng five people are “for health”, this is close to Liu Cheng choose “to save money.”

Smoking aids smoking clinics and popular

Although so many smokers that tobacco companies produce frustration, but let no-smoking specialist out-patient business is excellent, smoking-related supplements are also sales soared.

Currently there are about 1 trillion by the Japan-smoking clinic. Since the government decided in October after prices of cigarettes, the patient is full of people to “cure” smokers. It is reported that the general anti-smoking treatment requires 8 to 12 weeks 5 clinics. Although smoking can be used out-patient health insurance, but the harsh conditions, need to “root of the number of cigarettes per day smoking age” is greater than 200 before. Smoking for those who need insurance the burden of medical expenses 30%, roughly a course of treatment takes about 12,000 to 18,000 yen, if not within the scope of the insurance, would cost 40,000 to 60,000 yen.

In addition to smoking clinic, but do not need a prescription anti-smoking aids are also popular pursuit, with sales more than tripled over the same period last year. Currently popular on the market is micro-ingredients with nicotine chewing gum, skin patch and smoking can be simulated people “e-cigarette.”

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No hotel previously on site of proposed Buffalo, N.Y. hotel location
Buffalo, N.Y. Hotel Proposal Controversy
Recent Developments
  • “120 year-old documents threaten development on site of Buffalo, N.Y. hotel proposal” — Wikinews, November 21, 2006
  • “Proposal for Buffalo, N.Y. hotel reportedly dead: parcels for sale “by owner”” — Wikinews, November 16, 2006
  • “Contract to buy properties on site of Buffalo, N.Y. hotel proposal extended” — Wikinews, October 2, 2006
  • “Court date “as needed” for lawsuit against Buffalo, N.Y. hotel proposal” — Wikinews, August 14, 2006
  • “Preliminary hearing for lawsuit against Buffalo, N.Y. hotel proposal rescheduled” — Wikinews, July 26, 2006
  • “Elmwood Village Hotel proposal in Buffalo, N.Y. withdrawn” — Wikinews, July 13, 2006
  • “Preliminary hearing against Buffalo, N.Y. hotel proposal delayed” — Wikinews, June 2, 2006
Original Story
  • “Hotel development proposal could displace Buffalo, NY business owners” — Wikinews, February 17, 2006

Saturday, March 4, 2006

Buffalo, New York — The Common Council requested on Tuesday that a picture be found on what many thought was the site of a previous hotel.

The Proposed Elmwood Village Hotel would be placed on the intersection of Elmwood and Forest. It was suspected by residents and business owners in the area that hotel once stood in the same spot.

The Elmwood Village hotel is a proposed development by Savarino Construction Services Corp. In order for the project to proceed, at least five buildings (1119-1121 Elmwood) would need to be demolished. All five houses are currently occupied by businesses and residents.

After some research, a freelance journalist writing for Wikinews was able to determine that there was never a hotel on the proposed Elmwood Village Hotel site. However; there was a temporary hotel located on the northeast corner of Elmwood and Forest.

Buffalo was the host of the Pan-American Exposition from May 1 until November 2, 1901. It was a fair designed to feature the latest in technology, including electricity. There was a midway, athletic events, and had African, Eskimo, and Mexican villages. However; what is likely the most famous event that took place at the exposition was the assassination of then President William McKinley on September 6, 1901. He was shot by Leon Czolgosz just outside the Temple of Music and died eight days later while in the home of John Milburn on Delaware Avenue in Buffalo. Just a short time later, Theodore Roosevelt was inaugurated on September 14, 1901 at the Wilcox House on Delaware Avenue in Buffalo. Nearly eight million people attended the exposition.

During that time several hotels and rooming houses were built around the exposition including The Elmwood at 717 Elmwood, the Hotel Elmhurst at Forest and Lincoln Parkway, Hotel Gibbs 1005-1021 Elmwood, the R. Palmerton Merritt at 441 Forest and The Norman at 422 Forest. None of these hotels or rooming houses exist today.

Probably the most famous hotel that was built during the exposition was the Statler’s Pan-American Hotel built by Ellsworth Milton Statler A freelance journalist writing for Wikinews has obtained the only known reproduction photo of the hotel [pictured at the top]. The hotel stood on the northeast corner of Elmwood and Forest Avenues in Buffalo, had 2,100 sleeping rooms and accommodations for 5,000. At the time, the Statler was the largest hotel [based on the number of rooms] ever constructed. It was also the largest temporary hotel. It was three stories high, plastered on the inside, made mostly of wood and was covered with ornamental staff on the outside, which made it semi-fireproof. Every room was an outside room and was well lighted and ventilated. It was located within one block of the exposition’s main entrance.

The Statler was built for only one thing, the exposition. Work began in 1900 and finished just before the beginning of the exposition. When the exposition ended in November, the hotel was taken down.

Maps from 1894 show that there was no hotel, let alone any buildings or houses on the intersection. However; research did show that the homes 1119-1121 Elmwood, the buildings that would be demolished to build the Elmwood Village Hotel, were built sometime before 1915 but were not on the intersection prior to 1902.

Based on research conducted at the Buffalo Historical Society, it was concluded that between the years of 1890 and 1902, no other major hotel existed in the area. In fact, research had shown that almost every hotel built in the area, existed only during the time of the exposition.

Research also indicated a hotel or a rooming house at 1089 Elmwood around 1901-1903. The only known name of the hotel was the John C. Hill Hotel. The hotel was in the house now called the Atwater House. The house was the first house to be built on the east side of the block.

The Atwater House is currently vacant and owner Pano Georgiadis wants to demolish it to expand his restaurant. The house was built by 1894 and the original owner and builder of the house is currently unknown. Its earliest known occupant was Edward Atwater who in 1862 founded the oil refinery company of Atwater & Hawes in Buffalo. The site of this company was recently uncovered in the Canal District during an archeological dig.

At the moment, current research does not show any connection between the two men.

The exposition was a commercial failure and what profit Statler did make on the hotel, went to build another temporary hotel for the 1904 St. Louis Exhibition. That hotel was successful and the profit made from it was used to build the first permanent Statler Hotel at 107 Delaware Avenue in Buffalo. The hotel is no longer in operation, but small offices are currently operating in parts of the building.

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Wemn open dron German non-profit organization Definetz announced on Friday the development of the ‘Defikopter’: a medical drone, launched by smartphone app, designed to be able to fly defibrillators to heart attack victims in remote areas quicker than an ambulance.

File photo of an eight-armed drone. Image: Flying Eye. The Defikopter is to be launched by an app that sends out the GPS coordinates of the victim. With the ability to fly at 70km per hour in all weather conditions, the eight-armed octocopter could reach any patient within a ten kilometre radius.

The invention has received cautious praise from German medical services; the drone is still in the development and testing stage. Definetz and collaborating drone builder Height Tech have not issued any information about the release of the smartphone app or about when the drone will be available for medical services to purchase.

“We’ll have to see how much these drones can help,” German emergency services union representative Marco König told The Local. German news site Mittelbayerische reports a price tag of €20,000 (US$26,000) apiece.

One major problem Definetz faces is the law that requires all unmanned flying vehicles in Germany to be supervised. Another is that only members of the public who downloaded the app ‘just in case’ of an emergency, plus emergency workers with the app, could summon a drone.

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Object that fell through roof of New Jersey home not a meteorite

Saturday, May 12, 2007

An object that fell through the roof of a New Jersey home in January was not a meteorite, according to Jeremy Delaney, a geologist at Rutgers University. Instead, it appears the object was space junk or orbital debris.

“Basically, it’s a piece of stainless steel. There’s huge amounts of material that have been left by the various space programs of the world,” said Delaney.

The meteorite shaped object was not from a naturally occurring substance and had a silver like reflection. It weighed about the same as a small can of soup, 13 ounces (about 370 grams), but was no bigger than a golf ball.

Earlier during the incident, scientists from Rutgers examined the object visually along with police who were at the scene, and determined it was a meteorite. But further tests by geologists confirmed that it was not a meteorite, but probably a metal piece from a rocket or satellite. They had earlier thought it was made of iron.

“That’s the nature of science. If the conclusion from the test says it’s not a meteorite, then it’s not a meteorite. We have to move forward,” said Srinivasan Nageswaran, a member of the family that found the object.

Lighter Side: 10 Ways To Get Rid Of Your Roommate

By Professor J

In a retreat from my normal quasi-serious articles on housing-related issues, I present here a guide to getting rid of your roommate.

Whether your roommate is driving you crazy (check out some of the posts at our website) or you have a best friend who wants to move in, these tips can help give you ideas on how to eliminate that unwanted housemate.

Disclaimer: don’t take the suggestions in this article seriously. The suggestions here are all for entertainment purposes only.

1. Mess with their head

This one’s usually the most fun to implement; you can let your creativity go wild. Let your roommate come back to your apartment and ‘catch’ you watching midget porn. Even better, have a friend well-versed at video-editing software edit you into the midget porn movie. Leave issues of some questionable magazines out in the open. Get caught rolling around in your roommate’s bed wearing women’s underwear (if you’re a guy). The world is really your oyster on this one.

2. Scare them

Another classic. Let him see you reading books, reading articles, and watching movies about how to get away with murder. Buy some knives and start stabbing some of the people in your roommate’s photographs. Draw bulls-eyes around his/her friends and write dates next to them.

YouTube Preview Image

3. Attack their fears

This requires some actual getting-to-know your roommate. Hopefully at this point in the co-living relationship, you have some idea of their main phobias. Are they afraid of animals? Why not surprise them on Halloween and throw 100 rabid squirrels on their bed?

4. Be super clingy

Nothing freaks somebody out like a guy/girl who is attached to their hip. Always ask where they’re going when they leave the apartment and ask if you can tag along. If they say no, just follow behind them. When the roommate gets to their final destination, you should somehow ‘accidentally’ bump into them there.

5. Watch them while they sleep

This one takes some patience. While they’re sleeping, just pull up a chair and sit right in front of their face. Prepare a dirty, heavy breathing sound (think Hannibal Lecter combined with Darth Vader) and use it at a moderate volume. If you have no luck waking them up, don’t be afraid to kick up the volume a few notches. When they wake up, act like you’re stumbling around for a story, and then ask ‘Can I borrow a pencil?’

6. Get sociopathic

This one’s also fun. Never talk to your roommate directly. If you need to talk to him, go to a different room and call him on your cellular phone. If he tries talking to you directly, tell your imaginary friend to tell your roommate your response. Never make eye contact with him/her.

7. True Love

Take a bunch of pictures of your roommate. Bring one of the pictures (preferably with them wearing as little clothing as possible) to Kinko’s and have them blow up the picture to as big of a banner as possible and post it above your bed. Also, keep a bottle of lube and a box of Kleenex next to your bed. Try to cover up as much surface area on the rest of your walls with the other pictures of your roommate.

8. Go Single White Female

Dye and cut your hair to the same style as your roommate. Get a new wardrobe that completely matches your roommate’s and make sure you wear exactly what they wear that day. If they have any kitschy phrases that they use, make sure you pick those up and start using them as often as possible.

9. Become a Nudist

One day out of the blue (preferably when his/her parents or relatives are visiting), take off all of your clothes and announce that you have become a nudist. Make sure to sit as close as possible to your roommate whenever you can and rub up against him/her. Do the same with their friends.

10. Blend

Keep a hamster and some goldfish in your living room. Blend a Metamucil shake every morning, saying that you need more fiber in your diet. One day, get rid of your hamster and add a lot of ketchup into your shake. Make sure your roommate sees you drinking it and say ‘you had a good run’ while you chug the shake. The next day, get rid of the goldfish and do the same.

I can almost guarantee that after implementation of all 10 of these steps, you will get rid of your roommate. Of course, there are millions of other ways to accomplish the same goal. Use some creativity and have some fun.

About the Author: Professor J is an editor at


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Wikinews interviews Great Britain men’s national wheelchair basketball player Joni Pollock

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Wikinews interviews Great Britain men’s national wheelchair basketball player Joni Pollock
Author: 7d5xMW

30 Nov

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Homebush Bay, New South Wales — Wikinews sat down with Great Britain men’s national wheelchair basketball player Joni Pollock before a practice session at the Rollers & Gliders World Challenge in Sydney.

  • 1
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  • 3

British-born Pollock was born with the condition spina bifida. He explained he could walk with difficulty up until age twelve or thirteen, after which he began using a wheelchair. Shortly after this, he began playing wheelchair basketball. He attended a disabilities tournament for children with disabilities in England, where he tried both wheelchair basketball, since he came from a town where team sports were popular; and wheelchair tennis, as he’d played with an able-bodied friend. Ultimately, he chose wheelchair basketball as it was a team sport.

Wikinews asked Pollock about being loud towards his team mates during the match on July 20 between the Australian Rollers and the Great Britain Bulldogs. He said he was out of wheelchair basketball for nine months due to a pressure sore and surgery on his shoulder, and has been making a comeback since January, with the doctors and physiotherapists giving him the all-clear in April. On that night, he said, the Australian team used bullying tactics and some of his teammates on the British team didn’t step up to win the game. He also said that no matter what team his team plays against, he has a target on his back because of his calibre of playing in the game, and his team failed to to understand it that night, leaving him frustrated with his team and himself; and, he hates coming to Australia during a Paralympic year since the home town —that is, Australian— referees do not protect the visiting team from the home team’s dirty playing, which puts the British team’s gold medal prospects in jeopardy.

Wikinews also asked Pollock his opinions regarding Oscar Pistorius. Pollock believes Pistorius shouldn’t be competing in the Olympics if other Paralympic athletes can’t compete. He also mentioned reservations about certain technical aspects, such as whether Pistorius would be the same height if he still had his legs rather then his prosthetic legs. Asked about 5 point players playing in wheelchair basketball, he said he believes 5 point players can play with other point players but not in the Paralympics, and said 5 point players currently play in the domestic league but not at the elite level, to boost the number of players participating and to help the development of the game.

Wikinews also questioned him about tattoos worn by members of the British team. In previous years, he said, only one or two forwards had tattoos, but now almost everyone has one as having tattoos is currently in fashion. He said he got his first tattoo at the age of sixteen and only recently had it removed. He also has tattoos on his right arm, depicting the logos of the Paralympics and World championships in which he competed.

Pollocks’s team begins its London campaign on August 30, against the Germany men’s national wheelchair basketball team.

Julen Lopetegui named Spanish football manager

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Julen Lopetegui named Spanish football manager
Author: 7d5xMW

30 Nov

Friday, July 22, 2016

Yesterday, the Real Federación Española de Fútbol (Royal Spanish Football Federation) announced Julen Lopetegui would manage the Spanish men’s national football team. As the coach, Lopetegui’s first match is scheduled against Belgium in September.

Julen Lopetegui has previously managed the U-21 (Under 21) Spanish men’s team. He has also coached Portuguese club FC Porto.

To manage the national team, Lopetegui should not have a contract with any football club. His predecessor, Vicente del Bosque, is the most decorated Spanish coach, winning the 2010 FIFA World Cup and the 2012 UEFA Euro.

Lopetegui was the manager of Spain’s U-19 team from 2010 till 2012. Later, he handled sub-20 before moving to the U-21 team. Having managed the junior teams of La Roja, Lopetegui is expected to be the in-charge of the 2018 FIFA World Cup scheduled to be hosted in Russia.

del Bosque’s last match as Spain’s manager resulted in a 2–0 defeat against Italy in the UEFA Euro 2016’s Last 16.

Restrictions imposed in China textile trade with U.S.

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Restrictions imposed in China textile trade with U.S.
Author: 7d5xMW

30 Nov

Saturday, May 21, 2005

In an effort to ease complaints by the U.S. and Europe about a heavy influx of low priced Chinese goods, China will raise export tariffs on 74 categories of textile products in June. This follows plans from the U.S. to impose quotas on Chinese textiles and clothing.

Products likely to see an increase from the Chinese move include synthetic fiber shirts, trousers, knit shirts and blouses, cotton shirts, and combined cotton yarn. Last week, similar restrictions were imposed by the U.S. on cotton trousers, knit shirts, and underwear. Currently, a 2.5 cent charge per item is imposed; the new tariff will raise this to the equivalent of 12 cents per piece now. While this is a fourfold increase, it is not expected to affect consumer prices. Because of this, some doubt the tariff will have any effect on correcting the trade imbalance.

This move is in response to U.S. trade quotas imposed due to concerns that increased Chinese goods would put U.S. textile manufacturers out of business. According to Auggie Tantillo, executive director of the American Manufacturing Trade Action Coalition, a textile industry group in the U.S., the move will preserve 10,000 U.S. jobs. The new U.S. trade quota will limit the growth of Chinese textile imports to 7.5 percent compared with shipments over the past year.

Prior to January 1, a global quota system helped regulate the trade. With the quota system gone, fears have arisen that a flood of Chinese goods could undercut U.S. competitiveness in the market. China is able to market its goods cheaply due to an artificially weak yuan. The U.S. Treasury criticized the China yuan policy as “highly distortionary”, posing a major risk to China’s economy itself and to global economic growth. They challenged China to revalue its currency to bring it to a level they believe will allow fairer competition between global manufacturers.

China has disputed the charges of the U.S. Treasury. Chinese Commerce Minister Bo Xilai said, “I believe they are not reasonable”.

Laura Jones, a representative of large retailers, also criticized the move, saying “These restrictions on imports from China will do absolutely nothing to help the U.S. textile industry — and the government knows it.”

China has seen a boom in economic growth in recent years due to growing trade surpluses with the West, but economists worry that the trade gap will cause longer term global economic problems. China’s textile and apparel exports are the most noteworthy example, with exports up over 1,000 percent in some categories this year and the rapid loss of marketshare and jobs by U.S. textile manufacturers.

Beginning in 1978, the Chinese economy has been transforming from a Soviet-style centrally planned economy to more of a free market style system, under the rigid political control of Communist Party of China.

To this end, the government has leveraged foreign trade to stimulate economic growth. The result has been a fourfold increase in GDP, making China the sixth largest economy in the world. By 2012 the People’s Republic of China may have the highest GDP in the world.

According to U.S. statistics, from 1999 to 2004 China’s trade surplus with the U.S. doubled to $170 billion. Wal-Mart is China’s seventh largest export partner, just ahead of the United Kingdom.

However, the gains from their “socialist market economy” have not been without problems. The Chinese leadership has often experienced the worst results of socialism and capitalism: bureaucracy, lassitude, corruption, and inflation. Inflation rates have been an on-going challenge, reaching as high as 17% in 1995.

Environmental deterioration is a longer-term threat to economic growth. In 1998, the World Health Organization reported that China had seven of the 10 most-polluted cities on Earth. Another concern among some economists is that China’s economy is over-heating, and due to its global economic expansion this could have major repercussions among other nations.

Typically, wages have been low and working conditions poor, with workers living in restrictive dormitories and working at boring factory jobs. However, recent labor shortages have started improving conditions, and raising the minimum wage towards the equivalent of 100-150 US dollars per month. The labor shortages are in part a result of a demographic trend caused by strict family planning.

Learn Good Singing Breathing Techinques

By Chris Chew

So you want to be a good singer and have heard people talking about good breathing techniques and terms like breathing with your diaphragm. But what is the proper breathing technique or how can the diaphragm breathe? These questions will be answered in this short article.

You see, if you want to develop a wide singing vocal range or to improve your stamina to hold your notes, it is then imperative for you to develop good breathing techniques.

A good breathing technique is essential for breath control, vocal stamina and to even increase your vocal range. If your breath is restricted only to your chest area, you will never be able to get the effortless floating voice, excellent tonal quality or hit the really high notes.

Unknown to most people, most of us are prone to faulty breathing habits which we developed unconciously since we were children and these bad breathing habits follow us into our singing.

For example, if you find your chest and shoulders heaving when you inhale you, then you are not breathing correctly. Many people do not practice deep abdominal breathing for fear of looking fat. However, you cannot sing powerfully or hit the high notes unless you use deep abdominal breathing.

YouTube Preview Image

Another wrong assumption amongst novice singers is that noisy breathing equates to deep breathing. How can that be? Because if you breathe noisily, it is an indication of a constricted throat and pray, how can you sing well if your throat is tightened by your breath?

The correct way of breathing is to breathe in deeply but yet silently. So try breathing in sips rather than in gulps which will put more pressure on your throat and lungs. Your belly should move out effortlessly with each inhalation.

The following are just a few breathing exercises to develop your singing breath.

Begin by lying flat on your back. Take a deep breath and feel the wave of movement start at your chest and diaphragm area which is about around your stomach area. Feel your chest and diaphragm expanding but make sure you do not move your shoulders. Relax your belly muscles and let the wave of breath reach your belly and feel your tummy expands as you fill your lungs full of air.

Exhale and feel your belly deflating and then practice another deep breath and once again feel your chest and stomach expand with no movement of the shoulders. The expansion of your tummy should be outwards and not upwards. Close your eyes and feel your chest, diaphragm and tummy expand outwards. Then feel the muscles at the sides of rib cage expand at the same time. This is the correct way of breathing technique of a good singer.

In this next exercise you will need a lighted candle placed about 7 to 8 inches away from your face. Then breathe in deeply as you have learned in the previous exercise, expanding your chest and abdomen with no movement of the shoulders. Then exhale by letting out the air in the direction of the flame, bending it in the process but not flickering it or extinguishing it.

You will need to breathe out in a steady stream in a controlled way and not in gasps. Your objective is to bend the flame and not to flicker or extinguish it. By doing this, you are practising how to hold a note steadily when you sing.

So if you want to be a good singer, one of the most essential thing you must to is to master your breathing technique.

About the Author: More free singing and musical articles by Chris Chew at

How To Sing Better Singing Lessons


Learn How To Dance Lessons


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Australian Greens senator Bob Brown marks 10 years in Parliament

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Australian Greens senator Bob Brown marks 10 years in Parliament
Author: 7d5xMW

29 Nov

Thursday, March 2, 2006

As the Australian Prime Minister John Howard celebrated his ten-year reign this week, Greens Leader Bob Brown marked the 10th anniversary of his election into the Federal parliament.

Senator Brown has outlasted 10 other party leaders: Meg Lees, Cheryl Kernot, Natasha Stott-Despoja, Brian Greig, Andrew Bartlett, all former Democrat leaders. Pauline Hanson, Len Harris of the One Nation party, plus the Australian Labor Party’s Kim Beazley, Simon Crean and Mark Latham have all been and gone during that time.

Only Prime Minister John Howard and Senator Bob Brown are left standing as leaders in the Australian Federal Parliament. Bob Brown was elected to the Senate in 1996, and re-elected in 2001. He has introduced bills for constitutional reform, forest protection, to block radioactive waste dumping, to ban mandatory sentencing, and greenhouse abatement.

Senator Brown says his party has hardly been in the balance of power at any stage, yet the Australian Greens have risen in popularity. “We’ve become the third major political party in the country and we’re on our way to becoming a real power broker in this country and ultimately, the aim has to be becoming part of the Government of the country,” he told ABC Radio.

While there’s perpetual media speculation over John Howard’s possible retirement, Senator Brown says he’s full of beans and ready for the next 10 years. “And there’s no speculation about me standing at next year’s election. I can’t wait,” Senator Brown said. “Our election aim will be to rescue the Senate from the Howard government, and doubling our team is not beyond reality.”

The Tasmanian Greens senator predicts his party could govern the country one day. “We’re on our way to becoming a real powerbroker in this country and ultimately the aim has to be becoming part of the government of the country,” he said.

The Greens started with Brown’s entry into the Senate after the 1996 election, doubled to two senators in 2001, and has four had senators represented since 2004.

The four Greens senators and their staff say they will celebrate with a chocolate cake – and 10 green candles. The government held a gala fundraising dinner in the Great Hall of Parliament on Wednesday night to celebrate Mr Howard’s milestone.

Senator Brown said the success of Prime Minister John Howard is in his ability to play on fears. “(Howard)… is able to “dig a little bit below surface to play on fears that people have. He has presided over a country where the rich have got richer much faster than the poor have seen their conditions improve,” he said. “And it is a country that says if you are down on your luck, bad luck. The good Samaritan aspect which is very strong in this country, doesn’t reside with this government.”

Of the Federal Labor Party the Greens leader said they should move back to humanitarian politics He said Labor was trying to swing to the right but had lost its way. “I think the Opposition has lost its way and I think it is going to get worse,” Senator Brown said. “The indications are that the Opposition thinks if it moves to the right it will do better,” said Senator Brown.

Bob Brown is among 20 environmentalists, organisations and concerned citizens who were issued a 216 page writ by the Tasmanian-based timber company Gunns Limited in December 2004. The woodchipping giant is sueing for a combined AU$6.3 million for actions it claims has damaged their business and reputation. The defendants say the case is ‘industrial’ style litigation, alleging conspiracy, interference with trade and business and defamation. Nine different campaigns are cited.