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Violent protests break out in Kyrgyzstan over allegedly rigged parliamentary elections

Monday, March 21, 2005

At least 10,000 protesters stormed government buildings, burnt down a police station, and took control of an airport to prevent reinforcements from being flown into Jalal-Abad, Kyrgyzstan today as they demanded the resignation of president Askar Akayev. The protesters claim that recent parliamentary elections were rigged.

According to a police source in the capital of Bishkek, four police were beaten to death in clashes with protesters.

Last week, Akayev warned civil war would break out if there was an attempt to copy the Ukrainian “Orange Revolution.” However, the government says it wants a peaceful resolution. “We have never gone against our own people, especially not with weapons in our hands,” Prime Minister Nikolai Tanayev said.

Opposition leader Kurmanbek Bakiyev says negotiations will only be fruitful if president Akayev himself is involved. “All other lower level negotiations will be just a waste of time,” Bakiyev said.

The U.S. state department issued a statement saying the situation could be dealt with “according to the rule of law,” and spokesman Adam Ereli said, “U.S. officials have been in contact with both the government and opposition to reinforce this message.”

The OSCE stated the elections did not properly measure up to international standards, citing “lack of effective voter access to diverse sources of information, bias in the media, continued de-registration of candidates on minor grounds…, and inaccurate and poorly maintained voter lists.”

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The Idiot’s Guide To Introducing Gourmet Ingredients Into Winter Recipes


Justin Arnold

As the summer sun is most definitely fading it’s probably time to start thinking about those winter recipes, and although I hardly dare mention it, Christmas food. There’s a great deal that can be done with traditional winter recipes, and by replacing one of two of your traditional ingredients with gourmet ingredients you’ll discover that you can take the same recipes you’ve been using for years and transform them into something truly exceptional.

The problem with most winter meals and Christmas meals is that because we’re all under pressure to spend, spend, spend, we don’t tend to have an awful lot of spare cash left over for being extravagant with cooking and ingredients. For this reason we don’t tend to purchase gourmet ingredients, instead opting for the supermarket food which is usually heavily discounted.

YouTube Preview Image

But whilst this might all makes sense as far as your bank manager is concerned, your taste buds, and those of your family and friends, are being seriously short changed. By thinking about buying in a few gourmet ingredients now, you can try out a few of your favourite winter recipes and discover the real difference which gourmet ingredients can make.

In this article I’m going to give you one of my personal favourites when it comes to gourmet ingredients, and which you can easily add to a whole variety of traditional British winter meals and Christmas dinners, and which actually doesn’t cost a very great deal more than run-of-the-mill, supermarket ingredients which leave an awful lot wanting. My suggestion is to get some goose fat.

When it comes to French food, UK consumers don’t tend to be able to pick up gourmet ingredients very easily, and although goose fat is not strictly speaking a French ingredient, it tends to be thought of as French simply because they tend to use it more than we do. Typical of the French, they get all the best ingredients!

But by picking up some goose fat you can totally transform your traditional roast potatoes. So many winter Sunday roasts, and Christmas dinners celebrate roast potatoes, but if you want your roast potatoes to really shine, and be about the best roast potatoes your family and friends will ever come across, then simply replace your existing fat with goose fat. Smother your potatoes with goose fat, pop them in the oven and you’ll discover that the goose fat does two things. First of all it helps crisp the outside whilst leaving the inside soft and fluffy, and it also adds a very great deal of flavour.

As far as gourmet ingredients go, goose fat is not only affordable, it’s also extremely easy to use in your existing recipes. You can also use this fat in the same way to create the most outstanding home chips. If you a tub of goose fat to hand, then next time you need to fry an onion, use the goose fat instead of butter for a beautiful creamy flavour. You can also add it to your roast vegetables, and if you need to make dumplings for a Sunday roast, goose fat dumplings are about the best you can find anywhere.

People often tend to think that gourmet ingredients requires a gourmet level of cooking, but the truth is that it really doesn’t. Buying one or two gourmet ingredients needn’t be terrifying, and it needn’t be expensive either. If you just buy one or two gourmet ingredients for this winter and Christmas, make sure that your shopping list includes a fair sized tub of goose fat. Once you’ve used it, you’ll wonder why that you never used it before. Unfortunately, so will your family!

For more information about

gourmet ingredients

or to find out more about

French food UK

, visit The Good Food Network for a wide selection of ingredients, recipes and suggestions.

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The Idiot’s Guide To Introducing Gourmet Ingredients Into Winter Recipes


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US Air Force upgrades F-22 oxygen system after deadly crash

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The United States Air Force is replacing emergency oxygen handles on its 170 F-22 Raptor jet fighters. The move follows a report into a November 2010 crash that killed a pilot in Alaska.

The report finds Captain Jeffrey Haney’s death was partly due to aircraft design flaws. The experienced 31-year-old was on a night mission when his aircraft crashed nose-down among mountains. Planemaker Lockheed Martin now faces legal action from his widow Anna, which they vow to contest.

The report identified three separate problems with the ring handle to activate emergency oxygen. The first was that pulling the ring could require intense effort, the second that it was possible to drop the ring between seats, and the third that pilots in cold-weather gear could struggle to grasp it.

Now new handles have been designed in Arizona and the Air Force will place them on all of the $143 million aircraft. All 40 Raptors at Haney’s base, Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson near Anchorage, have received the $47 upgrade. The Air Force bought 200 of them.

Haney’s death has been attributed by his employer as the result of his “channelized attention” on getting the main oxygen system to restart after it automatically cut out when it detected engine bay air leaks. This makes breathing through the jet’s mask difficult. The Air Force say he should have activated his emergency oxygen but the accident report and lawsuit question his ability to do so. The report notes he was conscious and fighting to keep his jet airbourne up until impact.

Documents filed with a court in Illinois claim the handle’s position is “in an area impossible for a pilot to reach while he or she maneuvered the sophisticated aircraft at speeds exceeding the speed of sound and while he or she experienced forces many times the force of gravity.”

The fatal accident is not the only such problem to beset the F-22, which despite being billed by the Air Force as their most advanced fighter has never been deployed to combat since coming into service seven years ago. Three other Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson pilots activated emergency oxygen supplies during “physiological incidents” last month, said a spokesperson for the base. Raptors were grounded nationwide for five months last Summer over the oxygen systems.

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“Magic Chef Oven Parts” And What You Need To Know Before Buying The Magic Chef Oven Parts

By Vinh Pham

Magic Chef is a company that specializes in devising kitchenware that we can use in our day by day lives. They have all kinds of popular products that we all have in our kitchens. Some of these products work for many get on without any problems. Others need to be maintained or replaced within a Half a dozen month time period. For the items that do need to be fixed like their ovens Magic Chef will aid you to find the Magic Chef Oven parts that you need.

Before you order your versatile Magic Chef Oven parts you will need to empathize what the item in question will do for your oven. In many cases your oven will not work because the bake or bake light is malfunctioning. These defective parts will need to be replaced about every Iii to IV years.

The parent company of Sorcerous Chef uses a i mode lighter to substitute all of the Magic Chef ovens with a direct typewrite ignitor. When it is time to recur the lighter uttermost(a) care should be taken. In arrive at to being very hot during the time that the oven is ill-used and afterwards, the ignitor’s carborundum gratuity is very fragile and it can be crushed easily. Also the carborundum lead should not come into reach at any time with unsheathed skin.

YouTube Preview Image

Your Magic Chef may also need broil and broil valves. These valves are restricted electronically and they regulate the number of tout that is sent to the burners. As the oven valves motley from modelling to exemplar it is always best to order the part that you need for your Magic Chef Oven.

As the brag valves are very sore they need to be handled with care. The diverse National components can be humiliated if the gas pedal valve is mishandled. There is also a feature in some Magic Chef ovens that senses the pilot program flare and see that the brag becomes lit before it goes to the burner.

Digitally controlled ovens malfunction because there is a time out in their secret writing process. You can bargain loud but original Magic Chef Oven parts from certain Net sites that provide parts for Magic Chef appliances. There are about two types of sensors in the Magic Chef oven that you may supersede when they go faulty.

Some Magic Chef Ovens also work with an electronic keypad. When this keypad display develops faults, this is one of the Magic Chef Oven parts that you will have to wholly replace.

The very unique fact about Magic Chef is that they all provide customer support for all of their models. So if you want to replace certain Magic Chef Oven parts then all that you need to do is find the defective oven part and inform the Resort hotel Clinic. They will then send the requisite oven part so that you can fudge your Magic Chef Oven rapidly and without any types of problems.

About the Author: Vinh Pham, if you need more advices about Magic Chef Oven parts and more information about it please visit

Magic Chef Oven Parts




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Angela Eagle drops out of UK labour leadership contest

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Angela Eagle drops out of UK labour leadership contest
Author: 7d5xMW

11 Aug

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Yesterday, former UK shadow Business Secretary Angela Eagle announced her withdrawal from the Labour Party leadership contest after losing to ex-Shadow Secretary of State for Work and Pensions Owen Smith in an informal contest for support of MPs (Members of Parliament) in opposition to current leader Jeremy Corbyn in the contest. She says she will support Smith with all her “enthusiasm and might”.

Ms. Eagle and Mr. Smith agreed whichever got the least nominations from MPs and MEPs (Members of the European Parliament) would drop out of the leadership race.

This comes after MPs’ criticism of Corbyn’s performance in the recent “Brexit” referendum — which passed despite Labour opposition — displayed in a recent vote of no-confidence in Corbyn’s leadership capability, which received a no-confidence majority of over eighty percent.

Owen Smith supports policies such as reintroducing the 50 percent top tax rate, a £200 billion investment plan, and a referendum on any deal on leaving the EU. He has also criticised Jeremy Corbyn’s anti-austerity message as lacking substance. He said “it is not enough to just be anti-austerity, we need a concrete plan for prosperity”.

Qualifying For A Bad Credit Mortgage}

Submitted by: Bary Dawn

Are you already giving up buying a house of your own because banks said no to your loan application? Not yet. Don’t give up yet even if you have bad credit. There are private lenders willing to give you a chance to own a home.

How Do You Qualify a Mortgage with Bad Credit

There are strings attached to a bad credit mortgage that you can manage. So don’t pack your bags yet for the streets. You can still get a mortgage to save your home. Even if you have bad credit but your home’s value has increased lenders will lend you the money you need to pay off your house. This is a typical equity line of credit given to borrowers with bad credit.

Or if you still have a balance with the lender, you are required to pay off the balance before you get a new loan. Or in some cases, lender won’t blink an eye even if you have a hefty balance so long as you agree to an increase in the down payment.

If you have just declared bankruptcy, going for a bad credit mortgage will be tough. You must muster enough cash for the down payment. The higher the down payment you can offer, the better your chances but lenders often require that you have reestablished your credit record but if you have security, you won’t have a hard time convincing lender you are worth the risk but if the minimum two years has not passed, you have to put up a higher down payment for the new loan.

You have now the option to choose which credit path to take to save your home and keep your family under one roof. The bad credit mortgage, whatever its name is a lifeline to your family’s security and future.

Here’s the catch. The process of going through this type of mortgage application is tedious and the interest rates tougher, but these are small inconvenience to keep you and your family afloat during the hard times. This time however, it is your rare chance to dust off the spots from your credit record.

Talk to a mortgage broker about your problem or do some research about bad credit lending policies. If you think you can make it based on your current finances, by all means take out a new mortgage from your lender instead of hopping to another lender. But if the new lender offers a better rate, count the cost before switching lenders. Your current lender will demand a prepayment fee because you have paid the mortgage ahead of the pre-agreed timeframe.

Where to Buy Your New Home

If you are planning to relocate and if circumstances permit that you relocate to rural areas, you can save more money on your bad credit mortgage. Interest rates for properties in rural areas way lower because properties are priced lower. You still save money after paying off your monthly bills. Be creative. Houses in rural areas may not be your cup of tea, but think of the property in investment terms and future security.

A home is still a home whether it is in the backwoods or in the metropolis. It’s all a matter of making do with your finances and having a successful bad credit mortgage to get you back on track.

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Canada’s Don Valley West (Ward 25) city council candidates speak

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Canada’s Don Valley West (Ward 25) city council candidates speak
Author: 7d5xMW

10 Aug

Friday, November 3, 2006

On November 13, Torontonians will be heading to the polls to vote for their ward’s councillor and for mayor. Among Toronto’s ridings is Don Valley West (Ward 25). Three candidates responded to Wikinews’ requests for an interview. This ward’s candidates include John Blair, Robertson Boyle, Tony Dickins, Cliff Jenkins (incumbent), and Peter Kapsalis.

For more information on the election, read Toronto municipal election, 2006.

Fears grow about U.S. dollar stability

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Fears grow about U.S. dollar stability
Author: 7d5xMW

10 Aug

Thursday, September 20, 2007

The U.S. economy and its currency as an instrument of world trade has suffered a series of major setbacks in recent months. Some analysts say that the Federal Reserve‘s September 18th dramatic rate cut to 4.75% from 5.25% may be a case of “too little, too late”, or that it was excessive and dooms the dollar.

Today, Saudi officials declined to cut interest rates in lockstep with the US Federal Reserve for the first time in decades. According to Ambrose Evans-Pritchard, International Business Editor for The Daily Telegraph, “it’s a signal that the oil-rich Gulf kingdom is preparing to break the dollar currency peg in a move that risks setting off a stampede out of the dollar across the Middle East.”

Hans Redeker, the Currency Chief at BNP Paribas, also stated today that Saudi Arabia’s move to not adjust their own interest rates in sync with the Fed’s cuts is a very dangerous situation for the US dollar. Redeker points out that “Saudi Arabia has $800bn (£400bn) in their future generation fund, and the entire region has $3,500bn under management. They face an inflationary threat and do not want to import an interest rate policy set for the recessionary conditions in the United States.”

Saudi central bank officials said that “appropriate measures” would be taken to stop the large capital inflows into the country. The Federal Reserve’s half-point rate cut has already caused a plunge in the world dollar index to a fifteen-year low, reaching the weakest level ever against the Euro at just under $1.40.

The Fed hopes that by making it cheaper to borrow, people will start spending and investing more. However, some analysts fear the cut will worsen inflation, making it harder to get personal loans, and further decrease confidence in the dollar around the world. There are already signs that global investors have started rejecting U.S. Treasury securities, and recent U.S. government data on foreign holdings show a decline in purchases of US securities from $97bn to just $19bn in July.

In response to Ben Bernanke‘s statements today about a potential mortgage and housing market crisis, CNN anchor Wolf Blitzer said, “If adjustable mortgage rates go up, people may not be able to afford their mortgage payments.” Former Federal Reserve chief Alan Greenspan said earlier this week that housing prices may fall by “double digits” as the subprime crisis bites harder, prompting households to cut back sharply on spending.

Jim Rogers, the economic commentator and former partner of George Soros, stated, “If Ben Bernanke starts running those printing presses even faster than he’s already doing, we are going to have a serious recession. The dollar’s going to collapse, the bond market’s going to collapse. There’s going to be a lot of problems.”

In recent months, the U.S. dollar has taken several other significant hits including Kuwait’s decision in May to also break its dollar peg, and threats by China to interfere with the U.S. economy, calling it their nation’s “nuclear option”. According to public sources, the Chinese government has begun a concerted campaign of economic threats against the United States, hinting that it may liquidate its vast holding of US treasuries if Washington imposes trade sanctions that seek to force a Yuan revaluation.