By Kevin Kiene

Real Estate has always been a tried and true type of investment that can offer both short and long-term gains, is relatively safe and creates wealth for millions of investors year after year. But, before you purchase a property you must determine if you want to flip the property or rent it out. We all know how the real estate market fluctuates, sometimes we are in a buyer’s market and sometimes we are in a seller’s market. What you do with your investment may depend on what is happening in the market and how much you pay for an investment property.

Knowing When to Flip a Property

Buying a property and selling it fast, a.k.a. flipping, can provide huge profits if done right. The key factors to look at are the purchase price, the condition and location of the property and knowing how to comp or determine how much comparable properties are selling for (and how fast!).

Generally speaking, if you plan to pay a lot of money for a single unit investment property, your best bet is to turn it around quickly and flip it. Expensive investment property comes with big property tax payments and big mortgages, which usually will rule out any cash flow for renting. Locating renters for higher priced homes can be difficult, and if they miss a rent payment for one or several months your cash flow may not only totally disappear, but you may take a loss.

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If you can buy a property at wholesale prices that only requires cosmetic changes, you should be able to flip it for a nice easy profit. Look out for property with major structural problems, a.k.a. a “money pit”, especially if the price was priced high to begin with. Before you buy property that needs any major repair be sure to assess not only your financial resources, but also the resources of your work force. Do you already have relationships with different types of contractors and other skilled labor professionals? Just be sure to look at the whole picture before you decide to flip a property.

How to Know When to Rent a Property

If youre looking for a nice monthly cash flow and building equality over time, you may want to rent your investment property. Renting is generally a much safer type of real estate investing. The key factors to look at are the price of the home, if the area where you are investing has growth potential, and the condition of the property.

Lower-priced investment property will translate into a lower monthly payment, lower property taxes and lower priced insurance. You can buy several lower priced investments and spread out your risk of both tenants that dont pay and buying a property that turns out to be a money pit. Remember, when youre renting out a property you are building equity by using your tenant’s rent money.

You also want to determine if the area where you are investing in is growing. Do you notice a lot of new construction in the area? Do you see new business moving in? Is the location near an urban area, with plans for a new infrastructure? Properties located in growth areas almost always net the largest gains over time.

When you invest in a growth area you can make money flipping a house, but you may be able to make considerably more money if you rent it out, build equity, and sell it for a much higher price at the optimum time. You may not make as much cash-flow in a growth area, but the property value may go up so fast that cash-flow doesnt matter.

It’s Not Just About the Bottom Line

Deciding whether to flip or rent out a property is not easy, assess the market, do the math, and then consider your own interests and abilities. The perfect flip may not be for you if you have no construction or renovation experience, and becoming a landlord may just not be for you period. In the end, it’s not just about what’s best for your pocketbook; its whats best for you.

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Hundreds of SUNY New Paltz students demonstrate, storm administration building

Saturday, October 22, 2005

New Paltz, New York — More than 350 U.S. students took part in a demonstration Friday outside the SUNY New Paltz Student Union Building where student leaders used a bullhorn from the rooftop to rally the gathering on the concourse below. University police dispersed student leaders from the roof which was followed by more than 100 students storming the Haggerty Administration Building (HAB).

During the 2004–2005 academic year, students lobbied for a $10 million renovation project for their Student Union Building, which has not been renovated since its construction more than 30 years ago.

HAB spokesman Eric Gullickson said that the supplemental appropriation for the project is the largest in the history of the college and that the six-member advisory committee includes three students but that; “the Student Association, which was offered the first seat on this committee, declined the opportunity,” Gullickson said.

Student leaders, including Student Body President R.J. Partington III and Student Senate ChairJustin Holmes, who played a role in organizing this demonstration, testified during the Spring 2005 semester before the New York State Assembly Committee on Higher Education, eventually winning the renovation project. Holmes says that Gullickson’s assertions are; “an out-and-out lie. The SA was never offered such a seat. We were offered 1 seat on a seven seat committee, with the administration selecting the other six members.”

The major arguments for a capital project on the Student Union Building were that it:

  • did not accommodate organizations and organization office needs
  • lacked crucial technology for student mobilization
  • was built for a student population less than half the size of 2005, and
  • was one of the longest standing Student Unions in the SUNY system which had not undergone a renovation

During the Fall 2005 semester the HAB claimed that it would oversee the renovation project, citing the need for a larger lobby and bookstore.

The Kingston Daily Freeman reported:

The crystallizing issue for the demonstration was the upcoming $10 million renovation of the Student Union building. The renovation, scheduled to begin in about two years, will be the first major change to the building since it was built 34 years ago, according to college spokesman Eric Gullickson, who said the supplemental appropriation for the project in the state budget is the largest in the college’s history.

Gullickson also said that a six-member committee had been formed to guide the design process, but student leaders, including Partington, were told that the proposed committee would be seven members, including four non-students and two students who were appointed by the HAB.

“No matter the size and makeup of the HAB’s so-called renovation committee, it has nothing to do with the actual renovation process, which will be administered by a student committee, with input from other parties of course considered,” responded Holmes.

During the Fall 2005 semester, Student Body President R.J. Partington III attempted to negotiate with Administrators, including HAB President Steven G. Poskanzer, over the project.

The HAB refused to concede to student demands.

At this point, the Student Senate passed legislation proclaiming that the project would be overseen by a committee where students constitute a majority, and Partington announced that he “did not recognize and would not sit on” any committee that did not meet the needs of students.

Vice President of Acacdemic Affairs & Governance, Stephanie Adika said, “If the HAB won’t even listen to us about our own building, how are they going to listen to us about all the other problems the students have with SUNY New Paltz.”

How To Get Rid of Impetigo Scars Fast



You may have read in the news that impetigo is out of control in public places like schools, hospitals and fitness centers. Some strains of Staphylococcus aureus that have become resistant to antibiotics, which makes getting rid of impetigo quite difficult, but are very resistant strains are rare. But let me emphasize this: If you think you have impetigo, and medical care are available, you should see a doctor as soon as possible.

Impetigo is no longer considered a mild infection and may potentially be impetigo threatening. Why it has become a big issue today? Probably because there have been the use of antibacterial soaps or antibiotics, which has got out of style. Whenever antibiotics are used to treat an infection, there are still some surviving bacteria, which leads to the Holocaust.

While the potential of these bacteria lives in your body, immune system results low, it can happen and has happened, and that\’s why we have what you might call a bacteria. So, talk about how you can prevent impetigo and how to get rid of impetigo scars. Impetigo must be immediately treated and covered to prevent the transmission of the infection and prevent scratching, which can lead to scarring.

YouTube Preview Image

How To Get Rid Of Impetigo Scars Through Dermabrasion

See a dermatologist or plastic surgeon for a procedure called dermabrasion when impetigo is completely eradicated. Dermabrasion is one of the most popular forms of facial scar treatment. The treatment is to remove the outer layers of skin scarred with a diamond cutting tool, which also stimulates new skin growth.

How To Get Rid Of Impetigo Scars Through Chemical Peel

Consider visiting a dermatologist or a cosmetologist for a chemical peel, a process that uses strong chemicals instead of mechanical devices to remove the layer of skin scarring. Chemical peels vary in intensity depending on the size of the scar and the amount you want to remove. Although more intense peels remove deep scars, sometimes due to the uneven skin pigmentation in the growth of new skin.

How To Get Rid Of Impetigo Scars Through Plastic Surgery

See a plastic surgeon for a medical opinion on facial reconstructive surgery. The scars of impetigo resemble acne scars and do not become over time. Plastic surgery can require skin grafts and long recovery times, but may be the best solution if the scars have hardened and limit the movements of the face in any way. To remove scars on the face a number of surgical options are available, but mostly leaves some minor residual scarring.

How To Get Rid Of Impetigo Scars Through Laser Surgery

How to get rid of impetigo scar through laser surgery. Several types of lasers can reduce the appearance of scars of impetigo, who have endured since childhood. Lasers can remove the top layer of skin than chemical peels or dermabrasion. Lasers can also be directly the pulse of light to deep layers of the skin and improve scars inside and out, promoting the production of collagen satisfies the depths of the scarred skin.

Discover How To Cure Impetigo Fast By Using These Powerful Impetigo Treatments And Impetigo Remedies That Are Proven To Be Safe And Effective.

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how to cure Impetigo

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World’s first double arm transplant undertaken in Munich

Saturday, August 2, 2008

A 54-year-old German farmer who lost both arms in a farming accident six years ago has become the first patient to receive a complete double arm transplant. The patient, whose name has not been released, underwent the operation at the Klinikum rechts der Isar, part of the Technical University of Munich (Technische Universität München), last week; he is said to be recovering well.

The operation lasted 15 hours and was performed by a team of 40 specialists in Plastic Surgery, Hand Surgery, Orthopedics and Anesthesiology, under the direction of the head of the Plastics and Hand Surgery department, Prof. Hans-Günther Machens, Dr. Christoph Höhnke (Head of Transplants, Senior Physician; Plastics and Hand Surgery) and Prof. Edgar Biemer, the former Chief of Plastic Surgery at the Clinic.

In a press statement released by the clinic, it was revealed that the patient had been thoroughly physically checked and had psychological counselling prior to the surgery to ensure he was mentally stable enough to cope with the procedure. Since completion of the surgery, the patient has been on immuno-suppressant drugs to prevent rejection of the new limbs.

Following the surgery, the press release from the clinic’s press manager, Dr. Tanja Schmidhofer, included the following statement:

The flow of blood was [re-]started in intervals of 20 minutes because the anaesthetists had to make sure that the patient would not suffer from the blood flowing back from the transplanted parts. No significant swelling was seen, nor indeed any ischemia (lack of blood flow to the tissues). This is a testament to the surgeons who established a fully functioning blood flow…the main nerves, the Musculocutaneus, Radial and Ulnar nerves were all attached and sewn together, and finally an external fixator was applied, with pins in the lower and upper arms, avoiding the risk of pressure points and sores. The operation was successfully completed after 15 hours.

Without the immuno-suppressant drugs given to the patient, the risk of there being a Graft-versus-Host Reaction or GvHR, would have been significant due to the upper arm containing a large amount of bone marrow, consisting of ICC’s or Immuno-Competent Cells, which would have triggered a near total rejection of the new limbs. A GvHR is a condition which results in the cells from the transplant attacking the immune system of the body.

Indications from the clinic suggest that the double attachment went well, although it could be up to 2 full years before the patient is able to move the arms.

The donor arms came from an unnamed teenager, who is believed to have died in a car accident.

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US clinic plans first face transplant

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

US doctors are to interview 12 patients with a view to performing the first ever transplant of a human face.

The Cleveland Clinic will choose between seven women and five men to find the person most suited for the experimental procedure, which is a radical and controversial solution to extreme facial scarring or disfigurement.

Having practiced the procedure on bodies donated for medical research, the Cleveland Clinic team believe they have a 50% chance of success. The procedure will not live up to science-fiction predictions and give the recipient the appearance of the donor; the underlying bone structure is the deciding factor in the final appearance. The new face will end up resembling neither the donor nor recipient.

Surgeons in several other countries have announced being ready to perform this procedure in the past. However, the risk and non life-threatening nature of disfigurement have meant that gaining approval for the groundbreaking surgery has been difficult. Like many other transplant operations, the recipient would be required to take drugs to prevent tissue rejection for the remainder of their life. These drugs can have side effects and carry their own risks involving the patient’s immune system.

Silk Sarees: The Most Feminine And Delicate Clothing

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Silk Sarees: The Most Feminine and Delicate Clothing


Henry C

Since the existence of human beings, two basic needs are forever attached to them. The need to eat and to clothe! These needs have not been diminished but were enhanced with time. These primary needs are fulfilled by food and clothing that has taken many shapes throughout the years. Women have a basic instinct to look beautiful, for that matter they love to wear the best clothing that exists.

Eastern women usually use large amount of cloth as long sort of dresses are traditionally worn. The longest measure of cloth in eastern wears is used in an Indian traditional dress called Saree . A long drape is wrapped around the lower part of the body in an elegant style, enhancing the figure, while the top worn is called blouse . Many fabrics are used as sarees. For anyone who would like to buy the best should prefer Chennai silks, Nalli silks and silk sarees.

YouTube Preview Image

Saree is one of the most feminine and delicate of dresses. Even the styles to wear a saree are different in different regions. Some wear the saree with the end of the drape going to the back from above the shoulder while some wear it coming to the front from above the shoulder. Like every other dress, this dress has also gone through different style variations in fabric, Kaam as in fancy works on it and designs. Still the most preferred of Sarees remains Chennai silks, Nalli silks and silk sarees.

Chennai Silks are brands that have a history in saree making. They have a large variety of sarees available not only at their outlets but also online. These varieties of silk sarees include Nalangu, Kanchipuram, hand woven, crepe, and embroidery among others. Their product line now has dresses other than sarees as well as ranges of Islamic abaya and night wears for women. Clothing for men and children is also available at Chennai Silks.

Nalli Silks is another brand, which initially was only involved in making of silk sarees. Today Nalli Silks have broadened their product line, which now includes clothing other than sarees, costume jewelry, stoles, scarves, accessories and soft furnishings. With more than 80 years of service, Nalli Silks have outlets in countries like USA and Singapore. This brand, like Chennai Silks, has established the status of trust and quality throughout the world.

Silk is one of the most cherished fabrics that have represented expensive style status throughout the years. The royal families were initially the users of this fabric. Later on with the advancement of the textile industry, this fabric was shared and adored by the other social classes. The soft feel and the silky fall of this fabric are few of its plus points. Even today, in eastern countries any formal occasion demands the use of silks in the dressmaking. Different kinds of embellishments are used to decorate this fabric to make it grander for formal occasions like weddings. It has considered fashionable and elegant to wear silk sarees in weddings. These silk sarees give a shiny and beautiful effect to the person who is wearing it, regardless of her age.

It would not be wrong to say that the best gift a man can give his wife, his better half, is a beautiful Silk saree from the latest collection of branded outlets like Chennai silks and Nalli Silks.

The author has been writing for 3 decades, joining his love of India, clothing and the latest fashion trends.

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Silk Sarees: The Most Feminine and Delicate Clothing

Trade hall roof collapses in Poland

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Trade hall roof collapses in Poland
Author: 7d5xMW

10 Sep

Saturday, January 28, 2006


The roof of a trade hall in Metropolian Katowice (district Chorzów and Katowice), Poland has collapsed. Officials said there are at least 67 fatalities and at least 160 people were injured. More than 125 people are still believed to be trapped inside the building.

“Luckily nothing happened to me, but I saw a macabre scene, as people tried to break windows in order to get out. People were hitting the panes with chairs, but the windows were unbreakable. One of the panes finally broke, and they started to get out by the window,” said survivor Franciszek Kowal.

Victims have been transported to hospitals in the mining area.

The trade hall was holding a pigeon exhibition [1] and the collapse is believed to have been caused by large amounts of snow on the roof. At least 500 people were believed to be inside when the roof collapsed.

Jaroslaw Wojtasik a spokeman for the Katowice fire brigade said, “the weight of snow likely caused the roof to cave in at about 5:30 p.m., less than two hours before the event was scheduled to close for the evening.”

“From our crisis centres, we have found there are about 20 fatalities. We don’t know if foreigners are among them,” said Andrzej G?ska, spokesman for the regional police department.

Rescuers are concerned that people trapped may die from hypothermia due to the freezing temperatures (currently about -15 degrees Celsius in Chorzów ).

People standing outisde the building were helping rescuers and those that were injured into emergency vehicles.

Over 200 skiers trapped as lift breaks at Maine resort

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Over 200 skiers trapped as lift breaks at Maine resort
Author: 7d5xMW

10 Sep

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Rescue efforts are underway to free more than 200 skiers trapped Tuesday at Maine’s Sugarloaf ski resort, which is located 120 miles north of Portland. Several injuries were reported after a ski lift broke down; an employee at the resort said this caused several people to fall to the ground.

The Spillway East lift reportedly came to a halt during high winds due to a derailment. Around 10:30 a.m. ET, a cable slid over one tower’s pulley leading to five chairs falling about 30 feet.

Ethan Austin, a resort spokesperson, revealed that several individuals were taken to near-by hospitals with non-life-threatening conditions. At the time, winds originating from this month’s blizzard were blowing up to 43 miles per hour, according to the National Weather Service. Austin confirmed Tuesday afternoon that the lift was carrying around 220 people at the time of the breakdown.

Efforts to remove trapped skiers are in progress Tuesday afternoon.

Strategies To Follow When Building Your Online Marketing For Your Business}

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Submitted by: George Mathews

Effective marketing is the key to success for any online business, so it is very crucial to adapt to online marketing prior to establishing your Web site. One of the most convenient way to do this is by choosing a digital marketing agency as it would be very important to know the various aspects of marketing for the business owner to know. The other benefit of consulting with a digital marketing agency is that we would know about the latest trends and the technological tools that will be used for building faster web building process.

Following are some of the strategies that has helped in building a strong Online marketing Campaign for any business:

1. Building an attractive and informative web page:

Making a successful webpage for business is the topmost priority of the marketers at the moment. For presenting useful information, brand awareness, products / services, advertisement etc. the webpage plays an important role as people can search anything for buying or for any other purpose with just few clicks and they prefer this process can actually saves a lot of time.

2. Building Reputation:

YouTube Preview Image

Building an organizations online reputation does not completely depend on coming on the topmost position of the search engines but also depends on the popularity of the webpages on the internet and how informative the content are posted on the web.

Maintaining a good online reputation for an organization does not mean saying something good about the company but also regularly monitoring the comments / feedbacks (whether good or bad) posted by the visitors about your organization and immediately replying to them so that will keep the audience engaged and would increase trust.

3. Creating Fresh Content:

For this the content writer and also the designer also plays an important role in creating unique attractive article for the company webpages so that the customers will feel at ease while reading and be convinced at once while going through the website. The SEO copywriting services and affordable article writing services provided by us will help the businesses to get higher ranking in the search engines thereby leading to increased traffic.

4. Hard work and efficiency:

Hard work is the toughest thing to achieve for any individual. As the famous quote says there is no substitute for hard work and cannot be compromised under any circumstances. An upcoming online marketer can be never relaxed and quiet. He will be always be concerned about the growth of his organization and can eliminate any glitches or issues from his prospects. Without hard work and efficiency, any organization can never be competitive in a saturated market.

5. Social Media:

Social media plays an important role in todays well-rounded marketing strategies. The success of Social Media Marketing came as a surprise for all. Through social media viral marketing has increased to a larger extent and can reach to a larger audience.

Viral marketing is one of the most efficient ways to reach out to a larger audience in which to market anything and the social networks platforms offer plenty of that. Email and social media marketing, is also an extremely cost effective way to market your business online.

Combination of blog posts, newsletters and social media designed to market your business has to be done consistently regularly. You never have to worry about your marketing again, because its all done for you by our professional digital marketing experts. Heres what the digital marketing package can help in an enormous way and how this online marketing package will benefit your online business.

6. Constant Researching and Updating:

Constantly researching and getting updated with the latest trends in successful digital marketing will also be extremely beneficial for you if you want to come up with a unique marketing idea. Through the research and the updates you constantly get, you will find out which type of ideas can provide you with the best and the most profitable results that you will need. In addition, through closely making an analysis on the respective types of trends that are have become successful nowadays, you can then discover a pattern that will help you determine what type of ideas will be a hit in the coming years and you can then develop that plan and make it more effective and successful when it is being used.

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Latest Trends In Computer Training

By James Copper

In the past few years, certain common trends have emerged in the market for computing training. In the face of difficult economic situations, the corporate sector has started implementing a host of measures aimed at streamlining investments in computer training as well as the personnel who deliver the training. In fact, one study notes that 13% of all training is delivered through online means. Some of the major trends observed in the world of computer training are:

1. In-House Expertise: Increasingly, corporate are migrating to delivering computer training by its own employees rather than hire external faculty or qualified trainers to do the job. The trend here is to depend more on talent found inside the organization instead of those outside it. However, it is felt in some circles that since employees who deliver computer training are more of subject matter experts than trainers, there is a gap that needs to be filled by organizations in term of professional IT training. As a result, it is observed nowadays that external trainers are being brought in by organizations to train their internal computer training experts on soft skills such as communication, leadership skills and developing effective training material.

2. Focus on Self-Learning: Compared to the bias towards theoretical input prevalent earlier, there is a rising focus on ‘learning by doing’. This is being made possible by on-the-job IT training programs that place a lot of important on teaching aids such as CDs, online assignments, and interactive software to learn computers. The preferred media in this case is the use of intranet available within organizations as well as online tutorials.

YouTube Preview Image

3. Individualized Training: As opposed to group training modules that organizations have used for years, there is a rising trend of computer training being delivered on a customized basis to individuals. This is more so since with increasing time, people prefer more individual attention and training that has been created to suit their needs instead of generic training that is more applicable at the entry level.

4. Need-Based Training: There have been cases in the past when organizations have delivered random group-based computing training without evaluating if it is the best way to deliver training or not. This is no longer the situation. Nowadays, employees are given computer training more when they need it than being given compulsory training at fixed intervals. This just-in-time method of training has helped reduce the gap between the time the training is administered and the time the employee is able to practically implement the skills learnt during the training.

5. Dedicated Resource Centers: Instead of depending largely on continuously training its employees, an organization these days prefers to make available a dedicated resource center for its employees on computer training. These resources are created on more of a self-tutorial mode that allows employees to access a database of the latest training material, at the click of a button. These resources also reduce the dependence on a dedicated training department that has large cost implications.

The world of computer training has been changing rapidly in the past few years in keeping with the changes in the corporate world across the globe. It remains to be seen how traditional organizations cope with the change and mold computer training needs with the changing times.

About the Author: James Copper is a writer for

where you can find information on

web design training courses


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